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There will be PostDoc positions (and perhaps other positions) for the whole span of the project 2012-2016 at Bristol, Strasbourg and Valencia.

PostDoc, reframing in the context of incompleteness, Bristol

Part of the work at the University of Bristol concerns adapting existing techniques for nonmonotonic and abductive inference in order to deal with incompleteness in relational background knowledge. Initially this will involve abductive techniques for dealing with missing data. This will then be developed into a generic abductive-inductive technique for knowledge reframing in the context of incompleteness.

We are looking for an experienced post-doctoral research assistant with a relevant background in data mining or machine learning, with experience in relational data mining or inductive logic programming.

This position is available now and is for 1.5 years. Informal enquiries and applications, including CV and references, can be sent to Peter Flach.

Versatile models for relational data and unsupervised learning tasks, Strasbourg

The postdoctoral fellow will contribute to works on generalising ROC analysis to new context changes, in particular on relational data and on unsupervised learning tasks. Part of the work will concern the validation campaigns, in particular preparing datasets for challenges, setting up and running experiments, and integrating our algorithms in a collaborative platform.

We are looking for a post-doctoral fellow with a relevant background in data mining or machine learning, with experience in cost-sensitive learning/imbalanced data, or in a related area, such as concept drift, data shift, transfer learning or domain adaptation. An experience on real application or in relational data mining/inductive logic programming/statistical relational learning could be useful. French speaking is not mandatory for work.

The position is available immediately, for 1 year, and could be extended until August 31, 2016.

Applications should be submitted as soon as possible, and will be considered until the position is filled. Enquiries and applications, including CV and references, must be sent to Nicolas Lachiche <nicolas.lachiche@unistra.fr>.


The following positions have been filled:

  • PostDoc, hierarchical and multidimensional reframing, Valencia.

  • PostDoc, adapting models to changes in relational data and geographical applications, Strasbourg

  • PostDoc, generalisation of ROC analysis and applications in the smart electricity meter domain, Bristol

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